Adjust – DNFT®

Patients are amazed with the gentleness of the treatment!

Janet Lake, RN, DC specializes in Directional Non-Force Technique® (DNFT®) a unique form of chiropractic that is extremely gentle. There is no twisting or “snap, crackle, pop.”

A precise thrust with the thumb adjusts ligaments, muscles, spinal joints and any other joint of the body. The exact angle and placement of the adjustment is derived from a map of the misalignment. The DNFT® doctor makes that map from an analysis that allows her to tap into the body’s feedback systems through a leg check-response.  Using the body’s own feedback system means that what is adjusted is exactly what your body wants adjusted. Many patients are amazed that something as gentle as a DNFT® treatment can make such a dramatic difference!

What’s so different about DNFT® is that frequent visits are not necessary.
Most problems can be treated successfully in about six visits.

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